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Experience with Hospice

My 93 year old mother is in the end stages of heart failure. She has pretty much stopped eating and is holding a lot of fluid in her body. I have an appointment to speak to Hospice today with my family. Have any of you had experience with Hospice. We, of course, are devastated and at all different places in the grieving process. I woke up crying this AM. 

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Re: Experience with Hospice

My mother had them. I can't say enough about their kindness to her and us. I would not hesitate to use them.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

I had a great experience with hospice and my Mom.

I only wish she’d have had the care earlier, but she 


They did everything to make patient and family as

comfortable as possible. They took care of my Mom’s

pain, that meant everything to me.


I’m so sorry about your Mom. I hope in some small way 

hospice provides relief for Mom and family.


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Re: Experience with Hospice

So sorry for what you are going through, @Halo117 .  By all means, consider hospice!  We had at-home hospice for 6 months before my 96-year-old Dad died in May, and we will always be grateful for their care and compassion.  Their motto is "To gentle the journey" for both the patient and the family, and we found it to be true in every way.  Without their guidance and continuing support, I am certain we would have lost my 93-year-old mother in addition to my Dad. Prayers ascending for all of you.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

My heart hurts for what you are going through.


We used Hospice for my grandmother. Amazing care, amazing people. Would never hesitate to suggest them to someone. Hugs to you.

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Re: Experience with Hospice



I feel sad that that you will be losing your bloved one soon...hugs to you as you meet with them.


I have heard great things about Hospice....

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Re: Experience with Hospice

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@Halo117  My sister and her children were very pleased with the hospice care that my brother in law received.


I have been praying for your mother Virginia on a daily basis since last autumn (I believe she fell and injured herself?).


I'll continue to pray for her and your entire family.  Heart

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Re: Experience with Hospice

The people who cared for my father through Hospice are saints in my opinion. They made my Dad’s final days comfortable and pain free. They supported the family with love and information, allowing us to know what to expect. I have had the opportunity to witness the work Hospice has done with other family and friends. They are the best.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

My mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago.  We brought hospice in at the end.  There are no words to begin to express how wonderful they were.  A social worker came on the first day -- they delivered a hospital bed -- and a nurse came.  These people work so quickly and are so competent.  My mil was only at home for a few days and then had to go to in-patient hospice.  My sister-in-law stayed there with her for several days until she passed.  Hospice even made up a bed for my sil to sleep on.  These people are truly angels on earth.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

@Halo117I am so sorry you need their services, but I encourage you to move forward with them.


My BIL at 91 is caretaker for my sister and has been for several years now.  He resisted and resisted finding help, but the day Hospice first came in -  and then just to talk and explain what they could offer -  I could hear the relief in his voice when he called to tell me what was to happen.  That was a month ago and they've increased their help when they can and when my sister's condition changes.


Can't say enough good about their excperience and do hope Hospice in your area also works well for your mom and you.