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My husband, our cocker spaniel and I took Doxycycline for Lyme disease.  My husband took 2 cycles, our dog had 3 while I had just 1.

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I am taking it as prescribed, which I was told is at 1/2 the regular dosage.

Have been taking since last fall.

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@marip wrote:

My doctor prescribed an antibiotic I never tried.   Doxycycline  monohydrare.  Anyone here that had taken it?

I’ve taken it a few times. Make sure you follow the food restrictions with it. It’s a form of tetracycline that is highly effective against a wide range of specific microbes and is also used as a treatment for RA and some other autoimmune disorders. It’s commonly used by both doctors and dentists. 

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I've taken it also and had no problems.  I'm quite healthy and don't have any drug interactions except codine.

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Years ago I took myself to my dermatologist with the classic Lyme Disease Bullseye Rash.  I was on 3 weeks of doxycycline with no side effects and I am an extremely sensitive person.  I have a C.diff history and will never ever take another antibiotic again unless it's absolutely necessary.  It was necessary in this instance.

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@marip  This is the only antibiotic that I can take.  No need to worry about it as it is very safe.

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I started taking the Doxcycyline.   Now my feet are swollen.  Anyone here that took this medicine caused swelling of the feet?

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@novamc1 wrote:

Doxycycline  is related to tetracycline.  I grew allergic to those types of drugs and cannot take them or will not be able to breathe, so Ihave to avoid them.


That's a shame, because doxycycline and tetracycline have been in wide use for as long as I can remember back in the 1960-1970s.  I took them quite well for various minor problems several times back then. Then something went haywire in terms of a reaction.

@novamc1   Same with me ,  I'm allergic to that whole class of antibiotics .  Took Tetracycline when I was a teenager with no problems.   As I've gotten older I'm very sensitive to medications .   Its a major problem whenever something new is prescribed.

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Hello Pam, 


     A quick update: neighbor lady whose husband died suddenly 1 month ago, now she had a 7 hour surgery one week after.


    I posted this under this [ antibiotic ] that she is on due to new findings [before her tentative secondary surgery], and now have found a huge abscess the size of small orange next to the pancreas.

I could not ( you has asked), but gained little information. 


   The 2nd surgery -GERD -hiatal hernia- bile duct closed off and now the liver is affected; she's due for a 3rd surgery as soon as the 1st surgery has healed for four more days.

No cancer, far as I know.


   There is a (?) friend that may be coming there to assist/ she has offered. I understand she wants no one to physically come, but will accept letters or cards.


   I have great concern for her. She does has two little dogs that someone will have to care for immediately.


    It's a though she is thinking with a lot of confusion.

She has never been ill or in a hospital before.

     Ava can hire an inside nurse easily, but as I understand she will be hospitalized, then off to an infectious rehab.for treatment.  


     Just a quick update that I have learned without asking her. She has lost over 59 pounds and weighs (guessing here) about 84 lbs. --?--


 Reiterate from early June;

    she had zero health problems before, nothing that had shown symptoms or any pain until the main biliary (tube) broke loose.


     It is amazing that she is apparently still alive.The Doxycycline antibiotic apparently is the only antibiotic she can tolerate. She was sent home as Okay and to rest.

No daughters, just a son and his wife somewhere in Germany that came and left before this was discovered.

      She is in age about 63. 


    I have a meeting for Tuesday, so I may be late.


      Back later to you on 'the other' sometime tonight or tomorrow. I have not seen her so believe she's in an ICU unit or hospital. There is one neighbor close to her that knows her through another church.

Keep her in your prayers. I abide as others do -her wishes. 


    'She is able to eat small amounts of soft food'