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Re: Does anyone not carry medical insurance?

@reiki604 I love that!
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Re: Does anyone not carry medical insurance?





Clutching my pearls!


Health insurance is something I would never rest easy without, would never sleep.  


Yet, I know there are many reasons which force people to do without.  


Be careful and make good choices for yourself.  I purchased a supplemental to my company insurance.  They paid for the lowest tier they offered.  I found an insurance representative who represented many companies, she did a great job looking at my utilization, and helping me find excellent plan for less then the cost of my companie's mid-range coverage.


Perhaps seek out similar help? 

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Re: Does anyone not carry medical insurance?

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I'd go without  1000 other things before I would go without health insurance.  I'd have to be a multimillionare before I would even consider such a thing.  I never heard of anyone who  would even admit to doing such a thing.  You are talking about the nickel and dime charges for copays and deductibles and outpatient visits.  When people have health insurance, it's for coverage for the big cancer and brain tumors and being hit by a bus. Those things can produce bills that span months and years and result in charges in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.  But if you have the wealth that can pay bills like that, then going the self pay route is certainly an option.