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Re: Do You Know - Shingles

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Thank you.



Do you know I looked up the website, read what they had to say and called 3 times yesterday.   You sit on hold and hold and hold, it was about an hour of my time split between the calls and I gave up.


There was also another number listed on the website and I called that one and was told with a recording that the number doesn't exist.


I see they have an e-mail address too, maybe I'll communicate with them that way.

@Just Bling @If you go to drugs . com and look up the reviews for the Shingrex vaccine from actual recipients, you will be astonished. I read every single review yesterday and I am no antivaxer, but I think this vaccine needs some major scrutiny. You will see why I say this if you read these reviews. It's too bad that only one person reviewing mentions VAERS to the other reviewers. You will not believe the medical complications these reviewers have had. 

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Valtrex saved me when I got the shingles! I had the virus under my arm, breast and nipple. I thought I would die! Then I developed a neuropathy under my arm and upper outer arm. I used old-fashioned calamine lotion for the lesions. Unbelievable pain!