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I had a friend who had lipo, she gained weight, but the weight came in a different spot. 




Exactly!  Look, unlike the traditional ways to lose fat tissue, it does not return to where the fat tissue was removed. However gaining weight that IS fat tissue, makes no difference when a Body Composition Test is performed. It still comes down to: "What percentage of ones body weight is FAT tissue, versus what percentage of ones body weight is the much more beneficial MUSCLE tissue.


Most that lose weight and regain it experience their body changes in this manner. I say this because of my own many experiences with losing weight and putting weight back onto my body. This also has been proven by many studies done by Exercise Physiologists, and this is their results.


Most that lose up in the double digits of weight experience it this way:. The LAST part of ones body to lose that double digit weight is the FIRST place it will return(excluding Lipo-suction).  

That LAST place I personally lose weight is in my face. The first place it shows up when I gain weight?  Yep, in my face, not where I had 2 different Lipo-suction procedures done on my body.