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Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please!

I like Public Bikes.  They are on-line and have stores in California. They ship fully assembled.  They have different models for women & man & sizes also They are quality without being too expensive.  Great company.

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Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please!

Maybe I shouldn't revive this thread, but I am shorter and bought a Trek hybrid bike and the frame just never did fit me.  The position just wasn't right.


Anyway, the Electra cruiser has been a far better fit.  I think Electra makes a great bike.  I started out in the olden days with a Specialized mountain bike--bought a women's frame and HATED it, so I sold it and bought a Trek small man's/boys mountain bike I rode for years.  Sometimes I'd ride my husband's Rock Hopper and he's about a foot taller than me.  I had to bail off on a curb or higher ground.  I have no taste for danger any more. . . LOL!!!  Also for getting griped at for lowering the seat.  


I got rid of that and bought the Trek Hybrid, but just never got comfortable on it and it went too fast--I know I know.  I ride around the neighborhood and stop to talk to people very often a so I was on and off and on and off the bike.  That's when I finally thought this is stupid, so bought the Electra to "cruise" around and talk to people!  LOL!!!  I loved the Townie, but saw Miss Daisey and fell in love!  She's yellow and orange and has daisies on her. . . and I have a yellow cap too!  LOL!!! 


Anyway, I've gone from Mountain Biking to cruising!  All from 1989 to now!  

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Re: Bicycle Recommendations Please!

@meem120 wrote:

If you have a bike shop locally, they can steer wou in the right direction.  Trek bikes are fabulous but cost.  

This is a great thing to do. Your local bike shop may even rent bikes.