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My husband and son did something that touched me a great deal. I have posted about a waitress we both admire a lot, before.


My son gets new computers for work, one he buys and the other is a company computer. He aways gives the old one of his, away


This time my husband and our son decided to help the waitress and her young daughter with a good used computer. It is a Mac a couple years old. They took all of the information out of it. Put windows and  an anti-virus  in ,and set it up for our friends young daughter. We first asked if it would be OK ,to gift this to her child. She was so thrilled she jumped at the  offer


She is a single mom ,and works very hard to support herself and her daughter. There has never been any mention of the child's father or family, so I feel they are not in the picture. Her parents are both dead, so the child has no grandparents to help out. The waitress has one brother ,and his family ,and they are very close


We decided to put some games into the computer. I picked them out ,and my son picked out a couple too. He then did  something I felt was so sweet. He bought a gift card or what ever it was ,to let the little girl have some cash to spend, buying her own games. It was a generous amount and it was loaded into the computer


When they came over to pick the computer up, I wish you could have seen her face. She set at the table with Mr Cherry ,and he showed her how to work it, and showed her one of the games called Night of the Rabbit ,she had  .She played it and had such fun


I told her that she must clear anything she buys with mom first. I also told her, the money was a reward for doing good in school, and being a help to her mother, and for good deeds done by her


My son set her pass word up as Miss Sunshine. It made her mother smile and me too. This little girl is the sweetest, happiest ,child any mother could want


Her mother told me ,she said as they drove home, tonight was just like a dream. I never would have thought it could happen to me..We have no grandchildren ,so it was a chance to enjoy a child in our home ,for an evening


Mr Cherry had given her a tablet ,in the past when she was younger. It was one we got for free when we bought a new roof. She made us the dearest thank you picture, and we have it on our fridge. Mr Cherry showed her the picture she made us , hanging on the fridge. She was so pleased. We both got big hugs and big smiles


Her mother just doesnt' have the kind of money some families do, for things like this


All happy stories should be shared on this thread.....

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Re: A happy event to share

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That's a beautiful story. I'm a giving person also so it touched my heart. When you do such a nice deed for someone it benefits the giver also. I've read that it has health benefits.

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@Luvtuna  I think you are right. It made everyone so happy

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Very, very sweet of your dear family to do this.  Brings happy tears to my eyes.  I'm sure you were rewarded well above the time spent and monetary value of the gift.  Blessings to you all.

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What an uplifting story!  Your act of kindness is a breath of fresh air and certainly one which should be shared.  Your actions remind us there are many good decent people out there who go about their lives giving to others, helping others and animals and they do it without fanfare.  Heroes are these everyday people in my opinion.

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I am proud of my husband ,and my kids. I am very blessed

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@cherry Well I am in tears. You, DH and son are a gift to this lady and her sweet girl.


I don't have the words to express how touched I am and how much I admire you all and that includes that hard working mom and her dear little girl. Heart

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What a lovely story, and what a fine son you have !🌺

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Thank you for the happy post.


I admire you and your family for the direct help you offer others.

My feeling is that one - to - one kindness very important.


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