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thank you @cherry  for sharing that wonderful story.  it has touched my heart. 

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@cherry wrote:

I am proud of my husband ,and my kids. I am very blessed

@cherry   I am proud of you, too, because you are also an example to them.

All of you are blessed.

""Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." -Rumi
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@cherry @cherry That's a beautiful story to be shared.  If they still do "Chicken Soup For The Soul", that would be something a lot of people would love to see!Smiley Happy

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@cherry, who knows what wonderful things will come from her daughter receiving the computer. She most certainly will be able to keep up in school now because most students must have a computer these days. It will be a gift that will help her so very much.


You should be so proud of your son. You and your husband clearly raised a very thoughtful human being. Of course, with you as a mom, it does not surprise me in the least.




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Hi @NicksmomESQ ,


Your story made me cry, it touched my heart so very much! Heart


Sometimes I don't think that any of us know how much a simple act of kindness that we do towards someone else, can really mean so much to that other person, and how much of an impression it can leave on their lives. Smiley Happy


This is such a lovely thread, and I'm also reminded of all of the good, loving and decent people there are in the world, when sometimes things in the world can seem so bleak. 

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We are rewarded by just having her friendship..She is a wonderful person. Last year when it was time for school to start, she put her head down and prayed, for guidance. She didn't have all of the funds she needed for her daughter to be able to  participate in after school sports.She just said I don't have the money God ,and I don't know what to do



A couple hrs later she got a phone call from the school. Someone had come and gifted the school some money to help those in need..It was enough to pay for the sports, she wanted her daughter to be able to participate in...It gets better. Her child had been taught by a lovely lady, that had died that year from lung cancer. Her husband a retired attorney ,worked at the school library as a volunteer..The schoolchildren loved his  wife, as did all of us  in the scripture class they attended.


As she lay so ill at home ,she dared not leave the house, the school children went to their home and sang Christmas carols to them both...When Mrs H passed away, her husband went to the school, and  gave some ,money in her memory for the school to help needy students


I was able to tell him about our friend, and it made him so happy. He is a fine man...My friend is a wonderful, kind and beautiful person.  I once told her the words of Padre PIO pray, trust ,and don't worry..

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You will be blessed for your goodness.

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@Spookyoleme  I am already so blessed. Just seeing the man my son has become, with his father as his role model, is all  the blessings I could ever want. I am rich beyond all measure, in the things that really matter, I know it ,and I am so thankful

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Poor kid. Can't believe the teacher wouldn't even put in $2.50 for him. That was just awful. I probably would have said something to her about it. I also would have wondered how she treats the kids in the class and how she treats her own kids (if she had any). wth

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@cherry : Thank you for sharing. I need a case of Kleenex because can’t stop the tears of joy for all the Blessings. Southern Bee