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Re: 2nd vaccine

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After the shot, move your arm around intermittently- it distributes better, less-soreness. 

It depends on your immune system. I believe if you tend to have a strong immune system, you may have a bit more of a reaction, because your immune system is intensely building the antibodies-  But many people have no issues at all. 
I exercise daily and I did have a low grade fever all day the next day ( 2nd Pfizer booster)- After that, good as new! 

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1st dose - nothing 

2nd dose - 18 hours after shot had body aches for 24 hours.


Excellent feeling to be fully vaccinated 

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I had no side effects with my second Pfizer vaccine, just a sore arm the first night. 

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I didn't have a reaction to either Pfizer shot 1 or 2. Not even the sore arm. My 86 year old mom had the Moderna and she didn't have any reaction either. She was very nervous because the pharmacist told her to "expect a reaction because many people got one after the 2nd Moderna shot." I told my mom not to put that in her head because everyone is different.  Maybe they tell us this so that IF we do have a reaction, we won't think it's abnormal; which it's not. Don't worry too much. Good Luck 🍀 

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First let me say that I would not hesitate to take the vaccine again (if need be), and like so many other posters have said, your reaction will be individual to you.  That being said - at almost 64 I did not expect to have as much of a reaction to my second phizer vaccine as I had. It started with chills,  a headache, and a stuffy nose about 9 hours after I received my second shot. Through the night it progressed to body aches, fever, and nausea. I did not leave my bed (aside from the bathroom) the next day, and basically felt like I had flu. By the second day I was feeling some better, except that I had added joint pain to my list of symptoms. By the third day I was definitely on the mend, but still did not feel great. Oh, and I had night sweats for 3 nights (even after I was no longer having fever). For me the headache was probably the worst of it, since Tylenol only dulled it and I had it basically 3 days in varying intensity. On the other hand my husband (who is 4 years younger) only had a sore arm. My adult son had the same symptoms as I did, but his only lasted 1 day. I am hoping that my daughter will be like her dad. She gets her second shot on the 22nd.


I certainly don't want to scare you - I think my experience is the exception rather than the rule - but, if you do have an experience like mine, just know that it will soon pass. And, I believe, it is definitely worth it. Good luck! 

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Everyone will have a different story, but the negative reaction is the exception.  I think those that live a healthy life style have a better chance of moving through this experience with well, sleep well, have strategies in place to deal with stress, maintain a positive outlook.  Just my own personal opinion, as your immune system will be stronger.  


Wishing you the best of health!

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its a vaccination like all the others we get in life 

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As everyone else has said it will be unique to you and your body's reaction.

I too go for my second Pfizer next wednesday.   With my first one I had a low grade fever and joint pain for 24 hrs.  I took Tylenol a few times and that was about it.   I was quite tired but all in all, not bad.   They did give me the shot a bit high on my arm so I had difficulty moving it for a couple days.   Hopefully it's not any worse than the first time.

My hubby was fine, only had soreness for a couple days.  My friend had Moderna and she was fine after the first dose, flu like symptoms after the second.


Let's wish each other well Smiley Happy

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I had no side effects with the second Pfizer. 


With the first my arm was sore for a few days.  I was very tired the night of the shot and the  next night I had chills during the night while in bed.


Doesn't mean you will have any of this or none of it.  Everyone reacts differently.

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I had some side effects from the second Pfizer vaccine but, amazingly, after a day ... poof and gone like magic.