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The tsv is really unattractive and cheap looking. It's the kind of thing older women wear in the mistaken belief that it!s cool or sexy. 

With that collar, the peek hole neck, and then the cold shoulder, it's overkill.  The whole design is flat out tacky, and cheap looking.  In my view, the designer has no sense of style, no matter what she claims.  Many of her looks would be considered dated and gaudy where I live, and I don't live in a city.  I don't believe you'd even find her things in a nursing home here.  For one thing, I don't know anyone who would wear cheap polyester clothing.

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The tsv is really unattractive and cheap looking. It's the kind of thing older women wear in the mistaken belief that it!s cool or sexy. 

Exactly! Sad, that it will sell to her fans that buy any TSV she has & believe the sales pitches on it. I think it's her worst TSV I've seen.

I prefer to give women more credit than that.  I doubt there are many who purchase something they don't really like just because Susan is selling it.


Some may not like it, some will love it.  I personally like the cold shoulder look.  I didn't buy this.  I didn't find it cheap looking and I wouldn't be so insulting to other women as to say they buy it thinking they will look cool and sexy.    

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Bought the sg tsv in black. Will probably wear it w/a pair of vintage wash skinny jeans, simple diamond stud earrings, hair pulled back in a sleek pony, soft neutral makeup, shoes to be detrmined, lol, but probably a pair of simple classic flats. Was wondering what I was going to wear out to dinner for Valentine's w/hubby this year & this look will be perfect for me! 

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I just saw the video of this top. Its really awful looking. My nieces sisters mom or aunts wuold not wear this. I am not one to cricize fashions on this board but this one is really bad.

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Cold shoulder tops, mocknecks, and keyhole - a definite NO to ALL of these styles.

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Didn't partake.   I'm not a fan of the cold shoulder.   It's kind of an over-done statement that I'm seeing.

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I find a cold shoulder on a long-sleeved sweater baffling.  That is for summer tops, IMO.  The only cold shoulder tops I have are years old from Serena Williams on HSN.  It has the cold shoulder area with a very short sleeve.  In the middle of the cut-out is a band of material so that there are just two slits.  It's a very attractive shirt.  I just love it.  It's a way of wearing something a little different in the summer without those big cut-outs that aren't my particular style.  It's also a timeless look rather than faddish because it's a unique design.

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Waiting for AS IS status.  It will happen before the end of the season.