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Not for me either...I like my shoulders warm.

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@OKPrincess  I stand corrected on this - it's noted as a sweater, not liq knit. I meant to report this in earlier.

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Love the top, especially the neckline. Wont be buying, her clothing is over priced for what it is. (Most clothing on Q is over priced the past 2 years, once in a while they have a deal).  

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sorry but not for me big pass

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Way too ugly.

Cold shoulders is not a look we like.

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This tsv is all wrong in my opinion.  The neck trend this year I have found very ugly.  Cold shoulder...ugh.  I don't think anyone looks good in it.  And I do love some of Susan Graver's clothes, but this is one I see being on clearance very soon. Was hoping for a cute tsv this time.



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Too many "trends' in one garment...the high neck, the cold shoulder and the open area in front!  Not something I would wear....

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Agree with Ms, Donovan & Pink Dogwood!

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Heavens no.  Aren't we over this cold shoulder look yet?  The only look I like with shoulders showing is off the shoulder.  Princess Diana wore a black cocktail dress after her divorce that was off the shoulder and she looked stunning.  Cat Very Happy

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I like it!  I believe it's called a sweater.  Fine knit. Although it resembles a top, imo.  I like the white and the black options.  Pat D. looked fabulous in the black.  The cold shoulder isn't too large, and I like the mock neck with the peek opening.   Oh, wait!  Kristin looked extremely fabulous in the white!  Glad I remembered that!

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