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Lug should fix their shipping before they have a TSV.  It takes up to a month before you get the product, if you get it at all.  I ordered a Coupe 2 from QVC and a Trolley the next day from their website Luglife.  The trolley was shipped first, it took 3 days to ship but came to me within a few days after that.  The coupe 2 from QVC took 5 days to process and a label was made and my credit card was charged, but it never came.  Two weeks later I had QVC CS send out another Coupe 2.  It has been two weeks again.  CS says it takes up to a month to get their products sometimes.  Why have a TSV if QVC is last priority and they cannot ship out their orders now?

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I totally agree!


I complained to corporate that they need to put their pressure on Lug to get products out in a reasonable timeframe.


I see nothing has changed, so I no longer order Lug from QVC.


Even Amazon sells Lug.....

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I refuse to buy Lug. The shipping with their last TSV was a disaster. There's comparable items with better prices in regular stores.

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Unless they've made drastic changes to speed up shipping, they should never have had a TSV.  Amy should be at the warehouse packing orders.  I think she and hubbo must be very poor managers.


Why doesn't QVC take over their shipping?

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Well said @sunshinestory I am tempted to order the TSV, but the shipping time is ridiculous. First - I love Lug products. The quality is excellent and I would love to order more. In fact, I have ordered many Lug items in the past, but am sick and tired of waiting a month to get the product, if I am lucky. I can't even tell you how many times the item got "lost" in shipping with this brand. I've ordered a lot of different brands from QVC and this brand is the worst when it comes to shipping. IMO - Beekman is the best! Amy....check with Josh & Brent so you can learn more about how to ship items timely and properly. The long shipment times should be unacceptable for QVC - period. TSV or not. It is such a joke that they have the nerve to even charge for shipping with this brand. Smiley Frustrated

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Amy appears to be more interested in pulling in all the money and watching the TSV counter go up and up each minute. Fix your shipping problems Amy.