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My Mother LOVES LOGO, I just don't see it. I think the stuff is unflattering & over priced. But momma loves the stuff & has lots of it. She wore a couple of her layered tops & my hubby said to her, " your slip is sticking out". I rolled on the floor laughing, he doesn't know her fashions. He was right tho, the lace on her top was just like lingerie lace.

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I love some of Lori Goldstein LOGO line and I have many pieces.   There are pieces that I have bought and look great on me and received many compliments.  There are also some pieces that I can tell won't look good on me, so I don't buy them.  Lori loves what she does and I like to see variety of clothing from different designers.  If you don't like Logo clothing, don't watch but to make a statement that they are awful, etc is your opinion.  No need to tear someone apart because they love their clothing line .  I love hearing the description of clothing from Lori and all designers.  Yes, they are pricey, but if something looks good on me I buy it.  I am not skinny and have curves and the items I bought from LOGO I love.  Keep up the great work Lori and the people who write negative reviews should come with some suggestions how it would look better on them or they just don't care for this clothing line.  No mean or bashing comments they are not helpful so..... I LOVE LOGO!  My opinion.

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I am not a fan of Logo. She had pictures on her facebook page of the customers wearing her clothing. It was interesting to view.

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Re: Lori Goldstein

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I love LOGO. My favorite material of all-time is chiffon, and Lori includes generous amounts of it in her designs.  I know her clothes are not for everyone, but I adore the flouncy chiffon hems and ruffles she incorporates into her pieces. I am pear shaped and neither skinny nor tall.  I realize that I do not have the ideal figure for Lori's clothes, but I hit 50 last September and have finally come to grips with the fact that I will never be a model and will probably never be thin, either.  Since I'm not getting any younger and have only myself to make peace with in this life, (at least concerning my clothing choices...) I might as well wear what I love. 


I too wish her pieces were less expensive, but I have found some good deals on "as-is" garments and also on Zulilly.  Does anyone know if LOGO is returning to Zulilly? I haven't seen any of her stuff on there in some time. Maybe just waiting for the spring clothes to hit clearance?



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My first Lori Goldstein top is still one of my favorites ever. Simple white tee with pockets. 

The line has gotten too crazy for me. Weird greyed colors and too many patterns for me. 


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Re: Lori Goldstein

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yes!! 🦂 Not a good look! Or the way she stands sometimes, like a little girl who needs a rest is so odd and please Lori stop calling your clothes ("SHE, is just gorgeous") they are not human beings)  they are clothes ha Yes, I change the channel ! JMO

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Maybe in the winter will have true Navy. I have a 2 piece set tank with long sleeve shirt The shirt is abtrue Navy.
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I have quite a few Logo tops, but they are almost all prints and only two have a small ruffle and one has some lace on the bottom. I like her prints because they are eye-catching while not eye-blinding, and the multiple softer colors means they go with more things. I like her French terry cardigans because they are roomy and comfortable. Her pants look like they are cut too slim for me to even bother with.


I don't have any of her tanks and will never layer her tops; that would just look too fussy on someone my size, just as it usually does on poor Jackie. I'm not fond of bits and pieces of clothing hang out hither and yon. Nor does wearing multiple layers of clothing appeal to me since I don't normally run cold.


Because she does tops that aren't all form-fitting, as a pear shape, I have better odds of finding something that looks good on me when other designers' lines' sizes shut me out.