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The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Has anyone been watching season 2?  It's a so called reality show about a retired oil company contractor that purchased a ranch in Utah's Unitah Basin.  Along with his son and a small group of consultants he began mining for minerals when he discovered a legend of lost gold and several anomalies with the land.  The land is near Skinwalker Ranch.  I don't know how much is real but if I enjoy something I will watch without wondering how much is scripted.  This one is really scary.  Season 2 is on Discovery on Friday nights in my area and the first season can be streamed.  Let me know what you think!

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Re: The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

My husband is big on Oak Island and Frog Ranch.  I have not seen but only some of Oak Island.

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Re: The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch show is my absolute favorite.I have watched very interesting videos and interviews about the ranch.

The people at the ranch said they had strange episodes ,but they can't talk about them Once Thomas was at the ranch working. He heard a voice telling him to leave. He was so scared he had to call his wife to pick him up. 

I also love the Blind Rach show and the Curse of Oak Island.

I don't think they will find treasures. 

I agree with the government keeping everything secret. They don't want China or Russia to find out what they know. 

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Re: The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

I am watching too...there is definetly strange stuff going on in the Unitah Basin that can't be explained.