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I wish QVC could find wheat-free foods AND garlic free foods.   There are some of us who can't stand garlic!

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I doubt you will see this for two reasons.


First, QVC is not a cooking channel.  It does not exist to educate its viewers on cooking or to share recipes (PBS is there for that).  QVC's only goal is to sell products.  T/hey do have cooking shows on, but other than the occasional recipe, their focus is demonstrating products.


Since the vast majority fo people do not bake wheat-free, and many of them like garlic, QVC probably will continue utilizitnng them in its demonstrations.  It has to do demonstrations which appeal to the widest possible audience, and changing its presentations to appeal to a tiny minority would only serve to impact their sales negatively.


If you want to learn to  cook or get mroe recipes, there are many better sources than a shopping channel.