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really wish qvc would stop pushing their q card and allow all us folks without a q card to get in on the 6 easy pay.  i didnt order anything during Christmas in july because you couldnt get 6 easy pay if didnt have/use q card. didnt order anything during cooking day this past Sunday due to couldnt get 6 easy pay unless had q card.

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One extra easy pay isn't that important to me.  I guess I'm fortunate, our budget isn't that tight to make much difference.  

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Some of us hate easypay because it is far too hard on our nerves to figure what is going on as the months roll around.

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I don't buy anything online that I can't pay off when the bill comes.  I have never used easy pay, that is why I wish they would offer other incentives besides easy pay.

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Then there would be no incentive to apply for the Q card.  It isn't about fair, it's about $.

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@summersand , I totally agree with you!  I don't like the pushy credit card commentary we have to listen to, and I dislike that they took away extra EZ pays on both the Q and HSN.  That IS NOT going to entice me to get their CCs.

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@summersand I too get tired of hearing it. To the Q it's an inducement to get a Q card which I will never do.


In the past I have used Easy Pay once or twice.

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I use easy pays when I order which isn't often.  When the item arrives and I am satisified with it, I immediately pay them off.  


I just tune out the hawking of their credit card.  Makes no mind to me.