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Re: Qvc Programming

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All suggestions are for what the poster likes, dislike, wants and does not want.  


QVC sells to a huge audience of multi ages, gender, and backgrounds which brings in the money.


They can not sell to a select few and make money, which is their purpose.


Watch shows you like and dont watch what you dont like.  Im sure that is what the majority of viewers do.

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Television shopping has pretty sophisticated methods of determining what sells and what doesn't, so I always figure that's why we see so much of certain things.


Personally, I have been enjoying a lot of the more recent garden programming.  I'm not sure why, I definitely do not have a green thumb.  But, the presenters make me feel like even I could grow the stuff they sell! 


There are lots of things I just won't buy without trying first:  shoes, bras, fragrance - I've been "burned" too many times and have learned my lesson! 

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@patriot wrote:

@CalmInTheHeart wrote:

I don't care who hosts a show.  I care about the products.  Most of us could recite the spheels since they show the same products, or variations of, week after week after week.  I rarely watch anymore.  

@CalmInTheHeart   I agree except I do care who is hosting.  If they act childish, talk a mile a minute, jump up and down, giggle all the time, baby talk and generally act unprofessional, it's an immediate "change the channel".  And I know who they are.


If I see on the program guide who is hosting, I don't even tune in.



I don't like the goofy behavior either.  It's one reason why I don't watch a lot of Q anymore.  But I will watch a particular product presentation if I am interested no matter who hosts..... then turn.  Smiley Happy

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     My QVC watching habits have definitely changed.  I was one that had the channel on most of the day.  Now I do a 'Q check" and watch for a couple of minutes, then change the channel. 

     I do care who is hosting because there are several hosts I will not watch...regardless of what they are selling.  And I am so tired of seeing the same products over and over.