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@spikeysmom  Oh I am sorry it don't work for you!!  I hope they get this fixed!  Be nice if everyone could get the video's to work.

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I think HSN's site is worse.  So hard to find and navigate.  


I wish QVC would not offer the video as first option online.  I prefer to see the photo and color options (for fashion) than have to watch a whole video.

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@Sunnycorle, I'm able to read reviews on the QVC app on my Samsung phones. Never had a problem.
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@BalletBabe wrote:

To Everyone:   I have been playing for the past half hour.   I am so confused, but I have discovered that with Google Chrome, everything works.   I was using windows edge.  I am not sure why, but I will just use Google Chrome.


@KingstonsMom  yet you get nothing with chrome?   This situation is getting stranger by the minute.



No, using Google Chrome, I don't even have an option for the video!


With IE 8.1, I get exactly 9 seconds of video........grrrrrrr......every, single time.


At this point, I don't even really care anymore, it's too much aggravation.


Besides, I've nearly completed my Christmas shopping from other sites/stores and for the first time in nearly 20 years of shopping on Q, not one gift this year is fom QVC.

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@KingstonsMom   I cannot say I blame you, and I feel that you are not alone.  There is no reason that a big company like this cannot get their computer system running correctly. 

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Re: QVC's website is awful!

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On Kindle it jumps with every add on bar loading and if you x the box, it still loads the next screen!! I have written this in their "consumer spending less here" questionnaire they sent me. That was months ago and I've seen several complaints for a year and they don't care, so I don't spend.