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Please Q, improve your packaging for fragile cosmetic items.  Many reviewers who ordered the Laura Geller TSV have posted that their set arrived with broken items, especially the foundation which is the core of the set.  We do not want to receive a compact with the blush and/or foundation broken into a million pieces, especially when replacement colors are out of stock and returns are a hassle.  I want to order a second TSV set in a different color but am hesitant to order due to all the reviews mentioning damaged products.  Please use bubble wrap or packing paper or those darn foam peanuts or whatever you need to use to prevent item from shifting around inside the box.

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How disappointing it must be to look forward to receiving an item, only to have it arrive smashed with no replacement available. 

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How about improve packaging (period).


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Yeah QVC, how about not shoving a heavy winter parka into a bag meant for a T-shirt, necessitating the use of a pair of scissors in order to open the bag, and then said scissors slipping and slicing open a knuckle with a trip to the urgent care for four stitches. Huh QVC?  Should I send you the bill?


sorry, had to vent. 

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Hsn is getting as bad as QVC (guess it was only a matter of time🤦‍♀️)


here's my latest delivery from HSN ...set of sheets