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Other than seeing length of a garment on a model, it's not at all helpful to give a model's  height and size they're wearing without providing their bust, waist or hip measurements.  If you want to provide useful info, please start providing this additional info...HSN does.

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Re: Model sizing info

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Oh p!ease. Then watch HSN.

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What customers REALLY want is a  scale on the stage, so hosts and models can be publicly WEIGHED

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Yeah, the perverts out there are just waiting for that information.  Models deserve some privacy.

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I wouldn't want everyone knowing all my measurements.


Speaking of models they use one model a lot and does not do much for the clothes.  I think some models represent certain brands  better than other brands.

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I get your point but the models are people, not manikins. I would be so embarrassed if I was a model & they gave out my measurements. Perhaps if they put the clothing on various size manikins and said their measurements it woud be more respectful to the models.

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Oh please. When you look at the agency that supplies the models all measurements are right there in print.

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Knowing the models height gives me a sense of the proportions. I find it quite helpful.
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JT first.

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@Magicrat wrote:

JT first.


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