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Embarrassed to say I purchased tennis shoes from a site advertising they offer best selling merchandise from QVC. It was a $50 lesson for me. The white tennis shoes I was expecting ended up being cheap rubbers (to go over shoes maybe?) that have white shoelaces glued onto the front. I am quite sure the Dollar Store would never carry this piece of junk. They did not send a confirmation email. They only sent the "shoes" after I filed a dispute with Discover Card. The envelope they arrived in (when I say envelope you understand these are not shoes) has no return address and no order documentation. I cannot return them. Again, it is a lesson for me. So, QVC, you should shut down QVCBestSelling. Even Discover questioned how QVC could have sent such trash. I explained it was not QVC. So QVC, shut them down because they are tarnishing your name!

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Re: Fraudulent QVC Website

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If QVC didn't create the website how can they shut it down?  I would never order from QVC unless i used the QVC website, did you think it was QVC you were ordering from?


Also if your not sure if a website is legitamit you can check here

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Re: Fraudulent QVC Website

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When I want to know if a website is legit or not, I go to TrustPilot dot com and see if there is any info there about the website. People write stuff there about their experiences with websites they have purchased from plus some write about the products, too.  If the website isn't listed there, I stay away.

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I would STILL dispute the charge with Discover.


They have EXCELLENT customer service and usually always stand by the customer.


They should reverse the charges immediately!  You can send pictures to their fraud dept.



I agree with @spumoni99 


QVC has nothing to do with this site, is not to blame and would have little ability to do anything about it.


It is up to US to check things out before we check out!

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Thanks for the info



You have to be so careful, there's a Dooney and Bourke one out there that's the same thing.  I believe if you look back a couple months in the posts, someone ordered from them too thinking it was a legit site.



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@Bewareofunknownwebsites Surely you understanad, or you should, that QVC **cannot* shut down another company.


Buyer beware. 

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The scammers will be out in full force with the Holidays coming...

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Although a U.S. address is provided for the website if you check it looks like it is run out of Iceland.  It seems there is little, if anything, QVC could do.  Maybe a trademark violation by using QVC but that is easily gotten around.

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Re: Fraudulent QVC Website

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@Bewareofunknownwebsites  Small tip...look for a green check mark next to the company name on the ad.  That certifies it's legit.  That means it is the REAL QVC, Dooney etc.  Never ever go by the name of the company.   I have seen those spoofed video ads on FB.  It's sad.  If you see those and see something you like, instead of clicking the ad, go the to real website.  If the item isn' t there then it isn't legit.  You can't go wrong typing the real website in and searching for your item.  Sadly some people won't take the 5-10 minutes to ensure the offer is legitimate before jumping in.  Buyer Beware!  Trouble is I have even seen some of those videos use the Youtube QVC videos to push their junk.  There is alot of those scams out there.  If ever you see something you like, just go to the real website.  Search before you click.  Smiley Happy

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My neighbor fell victim to it, except she thought she was ordering from Sketchers on Facebook. After her card was charged but she never got the shoes, she called them, an and apparently it was somewhere in the Phillipines and they were no help at all. She disputed the charge with the bank, and got her shoes two months later. They looked pretty cheap and she said the sides were pretty loose. She's going to use them when she does yardwork. I don't buy anything off Facebook or Instagram, but I know fake websites are everywhere.