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Please start the presentations immediately with descriptions. Colors, sizes, specifications, show a tour of handbags. I really do not need to hear how many the host has or their family or the casual chit chat between host and vendor.
Many times things sell fast and too much time is taken up with talk that had nothing to do with the product.
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Re: Item Presentations

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I could not agree with you more.  There presentations are going from bad to worse. All that is said 1,000 times is only order of the year and the constant updates on the quantities.  They should show the colors up front and start the tour of the product.  We do not have the luxury of touching and looking at it ourselves.  We depend on the hosts to give us that information.

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while i totally agree with your assesment, if they got to the "meat" of specs etc. first, where is your incentive to watch that long drawn out presentation?

  One of the reasons i don't watch anymore.  they take forever to tell you the most important information. if they have 15 minutes to present the piece, why would you give all the information in the first 2?



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Totally agree. Not interested in the tv shows they watch, which is the current trend.  I only enjoy Jayne, Mary Beth, Rachael & Carolyn.