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I just use a big zip loc bag with a paper towel thrown in.

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@Love_to_read I'm going to try and find it. I regret throwing mine away. Nothing works as good as that TW lettuce keeper! 

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Does anyone know if Lock & Lock has a bowl designed for a large size head of iceberg lettuce.

I used to have the one Tupperware made with the spike in the insert for the cored lettuce. After decades of use I had to toss it.  I'm not on instagram.  If anyone could request this from Chris I'd appreciate it.


You are absolutely right, the Tupperware lettuce keeper worked terrific!  I bought their latest version several years ago and was able to find one for my daughter in a thrift store. After washing my lettuce, I take the core out and let it drain.  I put a folded paper towel in the bottom of the keeper and on the top of the lettuce, before closing the container.  Boom!  Fresh, crisp lettuce for several weeks with no preservitaves. 

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I use a large Lock 'n Lock container...with paper towel...sure keeps lettuce better much longer.  But, I would like to see a L&L container round like the old Tupperware one.