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Re: Jennifer Please!!

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I agree "you guy's"! The sales pitch she uses to get people to think she is your bestie friend and then buy more! It's also weird she calls her clothes, " she" as in "isn't she goooorrggous" !

 Referring to LG...jmo

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Doesn't bother me a bit....Sometimes when people are around something / someone too much, little things tend to grate on our nerves...Just a thought

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@darlight too much orange fake tan.

Don't worry, be Happy!
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I totally agree.  However;  think Kirsten is worse!  She takes over the guest presentations; which is irritating when I really need to hear thorough examples.

Like a lot of folks when certain host appear, I find the remote.

BTW,  anyway to cut out the ninety mile a hour talking?  Oh ..Don't listen to

Kirsten' s irritating voice before cocktail hour..Just saying.

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In general, I think that the makeup stylists sometimes use faux eyelashes that are way too thick and heavy. Sort of aging (weighing down the eyes), imo.  I'm guessing that just using mascara or very thin faux eyelashes would be more flattering.  I doubt that hosts/vendors/TV people wear heavy, thick eyelashes at home or out and about in their private lives.  Jmo, of course.  And just 'chatting', throwing in my two cents.

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I just do not understand WHY they all SPEED talk!!  I love listening to a couple of hosts who don't.  Like Courtney & Jane Brown.  The other hosts really need to slow it down.  Amy is the WORST!!  It almost appears that they are taking some sort of drug.  Normal people do not talk like that, so WHAT goes ?????

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I don't get her or her clothes. I'm sorry - I just don't understand how it's so popular. It's way way overpriced and some of the designs are just out there....  I wish they'd find another replacement for her. 

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You, just you! Not "you guys" "you all", etc etc etc. You is singular and plural. 


We were in an upscale restaurant in Manhattan last weekand the waiter said "you guys". I cringed. I am not a guy, first of all. I know there are more important things to be concerned with, but......

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I would think it would be  working with dermatologists not plastic surgeons.

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Leah also says, "Yea" and "I know" far too frequently. How about periodically saying, "Yes"???? Lordy, the word "yea" is so tacky. Most of the hosts also use it. Makes me cringe.