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@longtimecustomer48 wrote:
I ordered a Lug bag and it was in the evening over this past weekend when things were on easy pay all day.. Well here it is Monday night and it's STILL in PROCESS.. 48 HOURS LATER.. and I find out that the shipment isn't going to be the normal 7-10 days like it says all over their station.. my EDD isn't until MARCH.. WHAT?? I also found out (just today-days later after ordering product that it is taking longer because LUG is the one shipping it .. NOT QVC.. Since when does QVC not send the product but the vendor does? that's a first.

@longtimecustomer48   Happens all the time.  A large percentage of items are shipped by the vendor.  It would be very unusual for an item to ship in 48 hours.  Three or four days is more common; longer not unusual.

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IMO, they just do the 'x number of days' automatically for the EDD, as that worked for years.  Now, we are in a time when retailers can actually be more specifically accurate but they are just still doing the 10 or 12 days - or whatever it currently is, generically for every order.


I don't feel like there is the attention to updating stuff like that because it worked fine for them for so long.   


I think you kind of have to do more than that now.  People aren't that patient.   We are pretty spoiled by retailers who not only give specific EDD info, specific to a given order not just a number out of the air, so this is unacceptable in today's world of so much better tech.

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I get way faster delivery when the Vendor sends it to me.  And it generally comes UPS, all the way.  Rarely stopping to camp out at the local Post Office.  

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I ordered some rugs on 2/12. It still says IN PROCESS and it is 2/20. I tried to cancel them because this is ridiculius, but it says it is too far in the processing and cannot be cancelled. The EDD is tomorrow. I haven't ordered much for a while and now I remember why.