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Please QVC put your "As Is" in a seperate place.  When I am shopping on line and I type in something I want I don't want used items included.  Some shoppers do but I don't.  Thank you!  This will be helpful for all your shoppers.

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QVC, I'm just the opposite as OP.  When I type in something I do want "as is" included.  I appreciate knowing that an "as is" is an option.

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@Jackhound Mom - You could always refine your search.


The "As Is" items are in a separate category but, if you simply put in a brand or a generic term, of course it's going to bring up everything.


I prefer seeing everything regardless of the category.  If I want to see (for example) all Quacker Factory tops, I don't care whether it's regular pricing, "last clicks" or "As Is".


I've gotten some great bargains from "As Is" and just because they're listed like that, doesn't mean they're "used".  I don't think I've gotten a single thing from the "As Is" section that was used and I've ordered dozens of things over the years.

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All you have to do is just skip over any "As Is" and they are usually displayed last.  I want the option if available and have purchased many at a great discount and all have been in like new condition and were just probably the display items.

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I'm another who likes the as is included.  If I'm searching for something, I like to know that option is available.  Sometimes the price savings is worth it, other times it's not.