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Re: Any possibility we can get a Prayer Forum?

Sadly, I believe zero.Smiley Sad


Some people have too much heartburn with the topic, they seem to win out.  I'm sure QVC doesn't want to Step Into It over this idea.


It is a wonderful suggestion, though.

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Re: Any possibility we can get a Prayer Forum?

@dooBdoo wrote:



          I've been thinking about this a lot, praying about whether or not to say what I've been feeling.    Here goes, and I hope it's okay.   We've seen months of negative, resentful, even bitter, sarcastic and contemptuous comments on the topic of QVC's policy about religious posts.   As a life-long, Christian I believe in and cherish prayer.   I also believe that the simple request for prayer, and the simple response that we will pray is sufficient and holds remarkable and compelling power in its simplicity and restraint.   Spelling out a prayer in detail doesn't make it more powerful or real, and being limited in the words we can use doesn't diminish the impact or brilliance of our love.   

          The way we treat one another every single day, in every single post, and the tenor and tone of our words all the time...   that's what speaks of who we are and the foundation and radiance of our faith.    Venting our feelings with rancor, petulance, and cynicism, and holding onto grudges for so long, seems to me to cast a dark shadow on the very faith we want to share and rejoice in.   
          At some point, wouldn't it behoove us, and be a glorious testimony of and testament to each person's belief system, for us to let go of the resentment and indignation, stop digging up past offenses (whether real or perceived), and move forward with grace and genuine good will toward each other...  including good will toward the moderators and the company that provides this forum?    I understand we have varied opinions, I genuinely respect everyone's perspectives, and I personally give them all careful and thoughtful consideration.    There's so much we can learn from each other, so we do need to hear even those things that are in polar opposition to the views we hold when entering a discussion.



@dooBdoo, you say it so well in your first paragraph. QVC never has had a problem with someone asking for prayers, and posters saying they will pray for them. Those threads already exist and always have. On any given day there are several, and they are not molested by anyone.


It isn't the prayers that this has ever been about for some posters, it's about demanding a spot to proselytize one specific religion. 


No one has responded to my earlier question - since prayer threads exist on the forums right now and QVC and 99% of posters have no issue with them, what is lacking in the existing threads that makes a few people demand more?


You and I (and many others) know the answer to that. It does a great disservice to the everyday, mainstream followers of that faith that a certain element within forces a black eye on all of you, as far as these forums.


It doesn't seem to me that continuing to forcefully, stridently and frankly, often inappropriately, push the envelope is a true representation of that faith, but it's rather led by a certain faction within. If they don't speak for you, they probably don't speak for many other posters of your faith - yet they behave as if they are that faith, and represent everyone.  That's a huge forum issue. Their actions are what created the change in the first place.


There are several posters I have respect for in this matter - you, @jubilant, butterfly123, and several others who stepped in with positive, affirming and prayerful threads and posts after gloriajean left, and still participate in these threads. I personally do not view everyone as having the same POV in this, and I'm sad to see the bad eggs get the publicity, so to speak.

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Re: Any possibility we can get a Prayer Forum?

If you get a prayer forum....that we need a political forum.....fair is fair.
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Re: Any possibility we can get a Prayer Forum?

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