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I didn't see the feet live Baker. These hosts are paid well enough to get manicures and pedicures.
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It seems that as more posters complain about something---in this case, Jane showing off her unattractive bare feet; QVC's arrogance comes out in full force by having her do this while presenting winter type shoes which is not necessary.. Guess they like the idea of viewers reaching for their remote & click to another channel.
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On 10/6/2014 Cookie06 said:

My feet look pretty darn good and I am 60!! I keep my nails pedicured and scrub, scrub on the rough parts. Never thought bare feel could get such a reaction from people. Well it takes all kinds.


Me too!

I just read the post that said no one over age 30 should show their feet! Really??

I am well over 30. Over 50 actually. I'm at the beach/pool parties, etc. all summer and I swim year round, so my feet are exposed fairly often in public settings and I see other people's bare feet on a regular basis. And I get compliments about mine all the time. (I used to think it was weird, but now it's so common that I got used to it.) I do my own pedicures, and I moisturize regularly. Nothing overly fussy, and I think my feet actually look a lot younger than other parts of me!

I've seen lots of people well over age 30 who have perfectly nice feet. And 20-somethings with rough, dry, neglected-looking feet. So I don't see an age cut-off as making any sense at all. Personally, I don't want to see someone's yucky feet, but I've seen them on both sexes and all ages. If Jane's feet aren't attractive (and I don't know if they are because I never watch her), then I think she should leave the modeling of shoes to the models.

And I think age 30 as a cut-off for something like this is ridiculous.


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I'm 63 and my feet look the same as they did when I was 30!!
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I have always thought that the only good feet feet Smiley Happy

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I am 72 - so the thought of anyone wearing any shoes (unless summer sandals) without some kind of foot socks, just seems kind of unsanitary to me. But I'm not so small minded as to think everyone should think the same way. But then, all the standards that I grew up with, have flown out the door.

But, I am curious - I wonder - do the shoe stores still ask you to wear some kind of socks or foot protectors, when you try on their shoes? I haven't been to a shoe store in years - so I'm dumb about whether or not - that standard has been thrown away too.

The condition of some one's foot doesn't bother me, as much as them trying on shoes that aren't theirs to own. Like, where do those shoes go, that have been worn by the hosts and models? Aren't there still foot diseases these days? Maybe I'm just too old fashioned!

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Shoes tried on "on air" by hosts and models are shown "on clearance" or on the "As Is" page

They do sell, but are discounted.

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I completely agree with the OP. As a matter of fact I was going to start almost the same thread. I feel it is very unprofessional and disgusting to see her bare feet and then her putting all those shoes on. No need for anyone to see her bare feet trying on shoes. We can see them on the models. I never see Leah's bare feet trying on shoes during her shoe shows, but then she has class. And then what happens to these shoes? They are sold in outlet stores or AS IS online......yuck. How I miss the old days on the Q where everything was done professionally.
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I don't care how pretty or ugly someone's foot is. The point is that it is unsanitary to try on shoes without socks on. Shoe stores and shoe departments require some sort of foot covering for good reason. The thought that those shoes being shown on QVC will go back on the shelf, only to be worn again in a future presentation or worse being sold As Is, makes me a little queasy.
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On 10/6/2014 RedHeadedWench said:

Why don't they just use the models for these shoe shows??

They are paid professionals that keep their feet tidy and pretty, because they have to.

Some of the model's feet that I have seen look pretty bad also. No reason that I can put my finger on, but that overhead camera as Jane puts the shoes on, doesn't work for me.