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Most of you I am sure know that there are recipes on line for mug cakes  I looked them up for us and the best web site was   Kirbiescreavings,com  also Dunkan Hines has a pack of 4 including frosting  I dont know how much     recipe  from scratch  Spray mug  mix 1/4 cup flour  1/4cup sugar 2 tablespoons of cocoa  powder  1/8 teaspoon of b soda  1/8 teaspoon of salt    mix   Now add 2 tablespoons  of milk 1 tablespoon of water vanilla 2tablespoon of oil   microwave 1 minute

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Or.... You can fill your mug about 2/3 full of ordinary cake mix, about 1tbsp oil and enough water to make it batter consistency. Microwave about 1 1/2 min.  Make or open a can of your own icing.

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Wow, thanks to both of you. When I watched the presentation I kept thinking that's a lot of money for 8 partial cup servings of fairly ordinary cake. One mug looked like a lot less than a slice of cake.
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OMG This reminds me of making up mixes for my daughters Easy Bake Oven!  LOL