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Hello ... no BUMP today walker ... I fell behind with doing things around the house ... I got a phone call from my GF and we yacked for a loooong time ... we haven't talked in a while and had a lot to get caught up with ... walker, for our Anniversary we are going to stay home and have a nice dinner here ... I'm just not ready to go to a restaurant yet.


I did read about Josh Duggar ... he is a sick!! and after what he did to his sisters (years ago) his wife should have never stayed with him ...


kittyfan, another day off from the TS and you will be recharged and ready to go tomorrow ... I saw the pics of Kate and William too ... we think LG is adorable too 😊 ... hope you get a good nights sleep.


How was the soccer game??


Hope everyone has a good night ... see you in the morning.


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Hi everyone -- who are snug in their beds and I will be shortly, too! 


Thanks for posting where you live; I was curious.  Tootie, I thought you were from Philly, maybe because your weather seemed to be so much like mine. 


So I live in Western PA in an area called Beaver Valley that is comprised of many Boroughs.  I am about 20 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport and 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.  We rarely drive to downtown PIT unless we have to.  I was born and raised on the Southside of Cleveland, OH, moved to Brooklyn, OH when I was 14, and lived there until I married DH who was from Aliquippa, PA.  We both took early retirement after working for the PA Dept. of Labor & Industry for almost 25 years.  DH retired from US Airways after 20 years.  Now you know a little bit about me!


@cookie5.... We don't enter Red in car shows where you get trophies.  These are car shows on borough streets where 100's of classic cars line up on the main streets, parks, places of business -- places like that. 


BTW....what does "UB" stand for?


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Q happy May 2021.png

Good morning ~  MissMadi, we didn't go to the Trophy Car Shows either.  We loved the neighborhood ones as you mentioned.  They were much more fun and we met new friends and saw old friends.


Still seeing the photos of the Royal Family and love to see them.  They are such a beautiful family.  The kids are so adorable.


Josh Dugger is one SICK person!  He should have been put away and punished long ago!  🤮


Tootie, I know how long GF phone calls can be😄.  My BFF and I have set many records for longevity!!  Always good to hear the voice of your BFF.  


walker, you are still the Bump Queen!  Now all we need to do is find an appropriate crown to add to your collection 😂😂


We will be rainy, windy and 69 today.  Good day to stay in a UB (Union Break MissMadi)


Passing the coffee ~


V - Vegeable peeler   - sorry Tootie

W is next

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Good morning friends ... yay! it's sunny here today and our high is only 51 ...


MissMadi, those are the kind of car shows that I see a lot of here ... at restaurants and donuts shops ... fun!!


cookie, you switched things up on the V 😁 ... I bet you used that peeler to "grate" the cheese for the VELVEETA 🤣


Have a good Saturday everyone ... 📣 walker and kittyfan!

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can you believe it?? Pouring and passing ...


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Good Morning Friends!! 🇺🇸☕️☀️


WELCOME MAY!!!!  🌷💐🌷 I love your graphics, cookie and Tootie.  Grab your hats.....Derby Day!  Lots of build-up and excitement for two minutes of horse racing...ha!


MissMadi, good to hear from you....we love Pittsburgh here, of course.  DH knows all the areas you mentioned.

And, when we lived in NC, US Airways was our main airline in and out.  We flew it frequently as we were transitioning from MI to NC and then NC to IL.


Well, soccer ran later than I expected last night....GD's team won...but, we did not get home until 7:00....hungry!

So, I decided to hold my Cheez-It Chicken until tonight and fixed us a quick meal for dinner.  I can enjoy today because dinner is READY TO GO!! 😁👍


Happy Saturday!  Love the V....good comeback on vegetable peeler, Tootie....😂.


X ..... X out Winter...Welcome Spring!  or Xtra ☕️

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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi friends......quiet day and VERY WINDY...nice and warm but hold onto your Derby Hat here!!!  This may be my shortest news of interest....adios and giddy-up... 👋👋....🐎


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Good derby day afternoon. Years ago I worked with a gal who was from KY. Derby Day was a very big party event!!!

My neigbor posted on FB that she and another neighbor went to the Cafe for breakfast. Said they had great service and delicious food. I agree but I am biased.

Watching weather radar. Under alerts. I know it rained in the night. Cloudy and drizzle. Did see road damage in my town and flooding in Austin. Usual spot.

Winding down. Hope your cheese it chicken was good. I think I would like that

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Hello ... I forgot to watch the Derby today ... I saw clips from it and I see that they had some people in the stands ...


We had a sunny but chilly day ... but, we were able to grill burgers!! ... how was the chicken walker? I think I'm going to try that some night too.


kittyfan, I hope you don't get any bad weather ...


Enjoy the evening ... see you in the morning.


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Good morning ~  I forgot all about the Derby!!😞  Enjoying the peace and quiet and didn't turn on the TV.  We had thunder and rain yesterday.  Both GS's & GD brought some unique tacos and Mexican corn for dinner when they came to feed the dogs.  The tacos were au jus and very good. The corn was delicious!  The company was even better!  Love those three characters 💗💜💚


Dinner sounds great Tootie!  My favorite - Burgers!  Love your comment on the "V".  Have you ever tried to grate Velveeta????😂 I love Apricot Jam!!!


Yay for your GD's win walker!  I used to go to all the kids Soccer games - really enjoyed watching them play. You have sure lived in various states. 


How nice that your neighbor got to enjoy the Cafe kittyfan.  Wish it were closer.....  Enjoy the 82 today and no rain I hope.


Hi MissMadi ~


Passing the coffee ~


B - biscuits for the Apricot jam

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There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning friends ... cookie, it sounds like you had a great day yesterday ... good food and even better company!! ... I thought about you grating Velveeta ... it's hard enough to cut, but remember, the SCC can do anything 😉😁


We'll have a warmer (than it's been) 63 degree day but with rain ... ugh! I guess we're in a long stretch of rainy weather.


📣 to walker, kittyfan and missmadi


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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