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Hi everyone! Just popping in to say hello, and Happy New Year. I've been meaning to check in; don't know where the time goes...  I'm up and walking, back to selling in my eBay store, and thank the Lord, finally was able to get a new HVAC system, which I need with this freezing cold! 


Sounds like you had a great day, Cookie. (I have a cat named Cookie!)  Me, I think I'll stay in and hibernate until Spring!  


Got two new kittens - Echo and Zipporah (Zippy). Echo lets me scnuggle with him, but Zippy runs if I even reach towards her.  Silly cats!

I assume you've all been behaving, since I haven't seen anything about you in the news! 


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What cute kitties. I love a,black and whites are special.

Not a rutabaga,fan but my family was,

Cookie loved your date. A good ethnic restaurant is filled with people of that strain. There was a Chinese restaurant I loved and it was filled with them. The number of Chiense in Austin seems to be dwindling

Had a,little event after church. Our secretary retired and will be moving at some point they have a lovely big spread. I thought it had sold but she said the contract expired. We had a bit of a hullabaloo. Two ladies went through and cleaned out everything. Including silverware. Keeping only a few pieces. Well some folks took exception and went and got it out of the box. There are times plasticdoesnt do it---bs to the "kids" don't like it. Ot here of us are old school and enjoy glass dishes and real flatware. I think the youth in our church don't do enough to help by working events. But they expect to be sent to events without earning it.

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Nice surprise to see you here today, FHG!  Happy New Year to you too!  I am happy life is better for you now.  The kittens are adorable!  Join us whenever you can.  


kittyfan, I agree that sometimes "plastic doesn't do it" ....time for everything but you weren't at a picnic!  


I finally got all the puzzle pieces separated....1500!  We will be working on this one until next winter....ha!  I let DH get the frame/outside edges set and then I help.  


Snow moving in....oh joy!  See you later.


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Hi FHG, happy to see you and Happy New Year!! ... your kittens are sooo cute!! ... glad you are doing better!!


kittyfan, no matter how or what you do, you will never please everyone ... too bad that people let you know you about it though!!


walker, my gosh, you may be at that puzzle for a while!! ... with the snow moving in on you, it will be a good time to work on it ... have fun!! ... stay safe and warm ...


We had a sunny but cold day but that sun sure made it look good outside ...


See you later ...


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I wasn't involved in the clean n g out. I did find they had taken out some items from our cabinet. They had already been azked to leave it off limits. Went and found some items to put back. I was not a happy camper. I unde4stand you can't make everyone happy but they really crossed over the line.

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Good morning ~  Great to see you FHG!  Your kitties are adorable.  Glad to hear you are recovering - maybe we'll see more of you?  Good news about the HVAC.  


kittyfan, you must have a sign on your forehead that says I will fix everything!  Some people feel as if the rules and regulations don't apply to them.  You don't have to like them, but it makes life easier for everyone to follow them.


walker, you are lucky you have room to set up a 1500 piece puzzle.  I had a large dininig room table, but too many nosey kitties even with a felt cover, and a flattened out cardboard box with weights.  Good fun for snow bound days.


Catching up and mammo today.  We are at 34 now going up to maybe 60.


Passing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... 8 degrees now and our high will be 23 with snow ...


kittyfan, I can hear your frustration ... hopefully, you have a better day ...


cookie, good luck with your appointment today ... my DS has three kitties, so I am just picturing you trying to keep a puzzle under cover with your kitties ... it's not gonna happen!!


walker, did you get that snow??


Catch up Monday for me ... hope everyone has a good day ... pouring and passing ...


X ~ Xtra Hot Coffee ...


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Good Morning Friends!  ❄️❄️❄️☃


Yes, we did get the snow, Tootie.  But, fortunately, not too much...maybe 1 1/2" with more this morning.  It is pretty....fresh and white.....I don't have to go out so am happy about that.


I do have GS, GD and one of my amigos coming over. No school today.....DD needs to work......and DH is helping little amigo build an airplane for school project.  Busy day.....better get more coffee........


Have a good day everyone and good luck with mammo test, cookie......and, kittyfan, I would be very annoyed with that situation too!  


See you all later.  More coffee for friends.......☕️☕️☕️☕️ 


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We are hunkered down anticipating weather. School closed. County closed down. I know this is nothing for our norther n friends. But we don't deal with Ice!!!

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Oh my.....don't mess with ice there in TX or anywhere!!!  But areas not prepared for it.....stay in and stay safe, kittyfan!  We have had cold and light snow.....did not go in and tired now.  So your Z is perfect, kittyfan!


See you all in the morning....oh....might be late tomorrow ....but I will be here.


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