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Marinated rump roast. It was not quite as tender after roasting as I had hoped but since I was precooking for next day I did not panic. I put in crockpot for hour or so before serving (sliced) snd it was definitely more tender.
I should mention. The butcher showed me where the bottom round snd rump were on the roast. I think they are interchangeable. Happy cooking!
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That's OK.   You can't tell a tender piece of meat just by looking at it.   (I've had name-brand turkeys that were like shoe leather).

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My mother use to make Sauerbraten but we called it by a Czech name.  She would pickle the beef for several days.  My mother always told me to cook your roasts at a lower temperature for 3 or more hours.  Say 325 for 3 hours. Anyway, it was a real treat when my mother made this dish and then she made homemade bread dumplings to go along with it.

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DH and I love it when it's done the way we had it at a restaurant in Syracuse that is no longer in business. We found their recipe and tried it w/o the use of a pressure cooker which their recipe called for. Was pretty close to the way we remember. Serve with red cabbage and fried wide noodles with the gravy it makes. Yum. 

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We had an amazing restaurant here that served spaetzle and red cabbage with sauerbraten.  Yum!