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Jeez it never occurred to me. Now I'll think about it.

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The instructions on my long grain rice bag says not to rinse as that removes nutrients from the rice. I have never rinsed and cook on my stove top with excellent results.I just put rice in a sauce pan , add double the amount of water as i had rice, add salt or for extra flavor bouilion cubes. Then i bring to a boil and then turn down to a very low simmer for 20 minutes with the lid on. leaving it covered I let it sit for another 5 minutes without heat. Fluff and eat.

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Only use brown rice in a cooker and never rinse.  🙀

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yes, i always rinse rice multiple times prior to cooking, plus i soak it for a while in salted water.

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I am in La. and we have rice at almost every meal. I have cooked it so many ways. Sometimes I rinse, sometimes not. I have found no difference either way.

I would like to try the method where you boil and turn off. Never tried that. I think it was @Sooner  that posted it.