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Saw on the news tonight,there is a shortage of butter,and prices are going up.Uh,call me slow,but what in the world is the problem now?Really awfull news,considering holiday baking is right around the corner.Yes,I am aware how everything on the planet has gone up in price,but give me a break!there is no shortage of milk,which butter comes from,so where does the problem lie?



I have never done this,but can you freeze sticks of butter?If so I may stock up if ai can find any

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I buy butter at Costco and freeze it with no issues.  I haven't noticed it being in short supply.

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Got it on sale for $2.49. Limit of five pounds.

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Yes.  Butter is safe to freeze.  I have done this for years.

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I freeze butter all the time.


My local news had a segment on it too.  They did say milk production was down.  It could be a holdover from the pandemic.  Dairy farmers may have sold off some of their stock because all the schools were closed and didn't need all those little milk cartons.  I know at one point they were having to throw their milk away.  So, it may take time to build back up their livestock.


However, I certainly haven't noticed a chocolate shortage after Hershey's announced they wouldn't have enough chocolate for Halloween.  Makes me wonder. 


There's also a CO2 shortage which affects all the carbonated beverage machines. I was recently in a Jersey Mikes sandwich shop and they had no CO2 for their drink machines.  After that I heard there was a shortage on the news.

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I haven't noticed it being in short supply but it sure has gotten expensive. But then again, what hasn't?


It seems every time we are getting near a certain season, we are told something we might need soon is in short supply. It seems fishy to me. If nothing else, they create the short supply by getting everyone out to go buy it in large amounts in a hurry. Like toilet paper during the height of the pandemic. I don't know what to believe anymore.

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Re: Price of butter?

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After seeing the story about a shortage on my local news, I bought 4 pounds yesterday.
Our store had it on sale for $2.47 a pound. This will get me through my holiday baking. 

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For several months the price of butter has skyrocketed.


Once in awhile you may see it at a reduced price of $3.99/pound. But you aren't going to find it any lower. And I suspect it will only go higher.


I think I should stock up when it goes on "sale" for $3.99. Because everyone comes to my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And they stay for awhile so we will be going through quite a bit of butter.

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I'm still smarting over the sriracha shortage. 😫

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I use Kerrygold butter exclusively, and get the best prices at Walmart and Sam's Club; fingers crossed it remains that way.🤞



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