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No more or less than I ever did.  Never liked to cook.  Fortunately, DH does and we eat out at least once a week.  And there's always Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice for dinner!



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Re: Do you still cook?

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I still cook several times a week. But oftentimes I'll make something that has four servings so we'll have leftovers.  We eat out too sometimes, but I like being able to control ingredients and portion size. Fortunately I know how to make a lot of tasty foods so we enjoy many delicious options snd we're never bored.

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I was never a fan of having to cook to begin with. I've been alone close to 30years and my meals consist of sandwiches and microwave dinners. Usually one meal a week out.

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@PuppyLoverBob666  It's funny that you posted this comment on the Recipes forum. I thought most of the people on here liked to share recipes and liked to cook. Anyway, to answer your question, yes, I love to cook. I've cooked for my family for more than 40 years. The only things holding me back these days are the price of food and the fact that I'm only cooking for DH most of the time. I've discovered that cooking is my art. It isn't for everyone, including my DD. but it is my happy place. However, that being said, I  love to go out and I really love when someone else cooks for me. Who doesn't?

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I really feel like I've served my sentence and done my time I and just don't want to go through the drudgery any more. If I had someone to do all the prep and clean-up, I might feel differently. 

Anyone else feel like this?

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Yes, I cook just about every single day, for 2-6 people.  


When my girls aren't home, I enjoy my well deserved break and we eat something simple and quick.  

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@PuppyLoverBob666  I'm 68, retired and feel the same way.  I live with my BF who still works and really doesn't cook.  


I cook dinners from Mon-Thurs and occasionally one a weekend but basically consider it my time off from cooking. I would eat totally differently if I was on my own......much less meat, more veggies, more batch cooking. 

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I don't cook like I use to.  I buy many things from the regular market, already made.  Meatloaf in meat case instead of mixing it.  Stuffed chicken breasts.  I buy potatoes already made, just warm up.  

I loved cooking and having company.  At 71, I no longer have the big family or many friends.  I find getting a meal together without "my shortcuts" gets me very stressed out.


I don't necessarily eat out a lot because of Covid, which I know more people in my circle and family getting it now.

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I do like to cook. I like planning meals, trying new things, making familiar things, handling fresh veggies--I even like shopping, up to a point. I don't cook 3X a day, however. I make double amounts of some things so they carry over to another day. I use bagged salads. But I can always find something to throw together, and I feel creative doing it.

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I am a decent every day cook. Nothing fancy. For the past year, I have discovered many ways to cook and bake veggies, and low calorie soups.I have been weight watching and lost  quite a few lbs.

So, I share the veggies with dh and add a meat or/or carb to his meals. He also buys TV dinners for himself from time to time. I also try and keep him in desserts i.e. cookies, cakes, pies and puddings. He is not a big eater, i.e. two cookies on a plate..he will eat one. Who eats one cookie? That's why he is slender and I was not.

I try to cook enough so that we either have left overs for the next day's meal or I freeze them for later on.

Fortunately, he takes care of the clean ups afterwards.