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I'm in my 70's, married 40+ years, empty nester and I try to avoid actual cooking as much as I can. I used to enjoy cooking for friends and family but not so much anymore; it's such a chore. I'd live on cheese and crackers if I could.

I really feel like I've served my sentence and done my time I and just don't want to go through the drudgery any more. If I had someone to do all the prep and clean-up, I might feel differently. 

Anyone else feel like this?

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Me, I'm sick and tired of it too. 

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@PuppyLoverBob666 same here 👍

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Hardly ever. We pretty much cook and prepare our own meals.

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We've decided to give up on spending $$$ on eating out.  It's not worth going out for:


1) poor service

2) cold or lukewarm food

3) mediocre taste

4) overpriced


I actually love to cook and bake so it's not a "chore" to me and we like my food better😉


 I rarely cook Friday it's pizza or fast food.  Saturday we usually go to our friends house or I make big chopped salad.





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We have not eaten out in more than 2 years.  We used to eat out a lot.


We have both lost weight, we both feel so much better, and we truly don't miss restaurant food--which amazes us and we have discussed.


We both like to cook, have lots of cookbooks and experience, and love Mexican, Italian, Middle Eastern food and stir frys.  We eat steaks as good or better than we could get at a restaurant when we crave a steak, and lots and lots of fruits and veggies.


I have an app I use to make sure we are getting all the main nutrients and fiber and vitamines and minerals we need.  So we're fine, and although I'm not sure we save a ton of money we eat better than we ever have and look forward to meals.

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Actually, my mother feels like the OP feels. However, I love to cook for my family, and everyone loves my cooking. I like to try new recipes, as well as cook our favorites. However, I wonder if I'll feel the same when I get older? My mother once loved cooking for all of us, and she was a great cook. 

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"Do you still cook?"


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Re: Do you still cook?

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Maybe two or three times a week. When DH was still working and I was retired, I would cook more.

But now, we are both retired and able bodied. And I no longer feel like cooking.

 I love to bake, but I only bake around the holidays. 

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I've been cooking our main meal since the beginning of Covid. I have dined in a restaurant only a few times since the pandemic began. I don't cook elaborate meals for myself and DH. I am getting bored of my usual meals and need to try some new recipes, but just haven't been "in the mood."  It's been extremely hot where I live and I look forward to winter and making soups and stews.