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@Sueeich - After your package has been picked up from the post office by the returns agent, you can track its progress here:


One of the benefits of using the QVC return label is that insurance is included, so you do not need to worry about that.

Thanks so much for that link! I kept tracking my returns through the usps site, but this link gives me more info to put my mind at ease. I thought my packages were stuck somewhere in a returns graveyard. Looks like it took about 2 weeks but they are just about there! Thanks again!

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I made the mistake one time by putting the wrong label on, I accidentaly used the UPS return label and dropped it off at the post office. It will not go anywhere if you do that, it will sit in a bin. I know the post master and he was able to locate it and I picked it up. But if you have done that by accident, that could account for it not showing up anywhere.....

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I returned about 4 things that dont say returned  Its been 3 to 4 weeks for some    Is that normal for now?

When I make a return to QVC, I make sure I check off the box that I want to receive notification.  I also ship via USPS and make sure to get a receipt for tracking.  I had 3 returns in the past couple months, two of the three notified me that my return was on it's way and when it got there my refund was being process.  However, after reading another thread about watching your account and making sure you receive the proper credit is another thing.  I ordered the Jockey Bra TSV in May, I ordered 2 sets.  The first set came no problem, the second took a long time.  I returned the first set right away and then the second after I got it.  However, I was only being refunded for the first set.  It's was as if they didn't know or understand I ordered 2 sets.  I got it fixed but it's become such a pain to shop QVC.
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QVC is extremely slow with refunds & shipping.  I just sent back something at HSN on Tuesday and just the email by refund was issued.  Now that is fast.

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Many retailers and marketplaces use Pitney Bowes for various shipping services. Due to the significant increase in parcel volume related to COVID – 19, we are experiencing delays in our parcel network. If you have questions about the status of your delivery, please contact the retailer or marketplace where you purchased your items.

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