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I returned about 4 things that dont say returned  Its been 3 to 4 weeks for some    Is that normal for now?

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Same problem here. I’ve returned more than I’ve kept lately.
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Same here.

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I have been getting concerned about my returns as well.  I have decided that it would probably be best to not to order anything else from QVC .  I've thought about calling but the last time I tried I was on the phone for about 45 min to an hour and was not able to speak to anyone.

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i did live chat about a return. did not have to wait too long. i got a refund but i have not received an email regarding that and the item does not say returned.  It is an item I returned around June 6th and only says picked up by agent.  I hope what they said to me was accurate.  We shall see.  I returned two other items a long time after and they were resolved already. I guess hit or miss.

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I have noticed this as well, and this should not be the case. I have items I returned 2 months ago that have not been credited, even though tracking shows QVC received them. I just can't bring myself to spend 2 hours on hold on the phone with them right now. But I will. Good Luck!!

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@mollymaggie - Unfortunately, yes, that is about the timeframe to expect with returns using the QVC return label, and it has been for over a year. If you want to check on the progress of your package, you can do so here:


(And even if you didn't use the QVC return label, return processing has been SLOW.)


If your package has been delivered to its final destination, you can either wait a couple more days or send an email to the moderators at to see if they can get your refund or exchange processed. Good luck!

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Same here.  I returned several items some about a month and a half ago.  Still waiting as they are not showing up in my return status.  I returned a couple of items to HSN and received an email one week later that the items were received and my account was credited.  I fail to believe that the virus is causing all these horrific delays in returns as I do not have any problems with other companies only here.  

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I just sent 2 packages off for an exchange.  As long as I've been a Q customer, I've never done an exchange - only return.  I'm wondering how long it will be with an exchange.  

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@San Antonio Gal - After the typical slow travel time to get the item back to QVC due to the return label (non)prioritization, I've found that once an exchange request is received, it seems like it's a little bit faster to either get the new item on its way (i.e., it doesn't spend a week in processing) or to get money refunded if there is no available inventory. Good luck!