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I sent two returns on May 14 and in my order status it still says tracking of return not available! They must have received them by now. Anyone else having that problem?

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I've noticed that also, but living in CA - I now send my returns to their warehouse in Ontario, CA and the return process is much faster...  I wish they would include a return shipping label with the Ontario address as an option...  hopefully this will change soon - I'm sure they are not running with a full staff..   good luck.

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Yes I'm in the same boat and it's getting very OLD. I'm not giving Qvc any more of my business until they fix this problem. You can only blame the corona virus for so much. They have your money right away but getting a refund is a joke. If they have laid off employees get them back to work. They still hawk their wares without solving the main problem.....unhappy customers. Wake up Qvc 

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Hi @Baylie and @Baileysbestmom try tracking with this site 

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I also think they are not running with a full staff especially handling returns and that is probably why they instituted the 90 day return policy to give a limited staff more time to handle returns.

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Oh Yeah,  Yup, I finally got an answer yesterday,  "Please allow 17 business days for returns to be in process."  I sent  those linen-ish pants (TSV) back the next day and that was May 12th and I haven't heard a word, no tracking, no nothing.  Its been 12 days.  Maybe next week.

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I'm having the same problems with returns, I don't blame USPS it's mail innovations that's slow. So far mail innovation lost 2 of my packages that were supposed to arrive to me. I'm really rethinking ordering anything from Q these days.

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If you use the QVC return label, your packages are picked up and transported by a third-party agent called Newgistics; as @Alice-QVC has kindly pointed out, you can track the progress of your packages on their website:


(Ever since the "upgrade" of the Order Status page a few months ago, return tracking has not worked at all on the QVC website. However, if you didn't record the tracking number when you dropped off your return, the return tracking number listed for your order can be used on the Newgistics website.)

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I'm dealing with the same issue. I received an item on May 7th and returned it May 8th ,still haven't been able to get any info. I don't order too much from QVC and this is probably going to be it for me.

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I just tried that tracking site and an order that was picked up on 5/22/20 was received back in Lancaster, PA ON 5/27/20. I guess I just need to wait for the item to be credited now. Wonder how long that will take??