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Thank you for the information on the Earnings Call. I was able to find it by Googling "Qurate's Q4 2022 March 1,2023 Earnings Call Transript".


Glancing through the transcript it was interesting to see 6 financial institutions on the call. It seems the Rocky Mountain fire hurt some of their inventory and fulfillment capabilities and the organizational reduction is anticipated to generate $60 million. I wonder how the remaining staff will deal with taking on he workload of those 398 employees who were let go. Indeed has reviews from current and former employees of the Q and the company has a 3.6 average out of 5. Zulilly is 3.2 and HSN is also at 3.6. Reviewer feedback provides a bit of insight into the company and how employees feel/felt about their employer..

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The hostess I feel you are referring to refers to her girls every time she is on.  And whatever product she is selling, she likes to tell us what country she was visiting when she wore this.  She also constantly interrupts whoever she is working with.

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I also feel she has read these complaints and does these things even more. Kids,beach house,Disneyworld, etc.

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I am in total agreement about this host.   QVC left the DRAMA QUEENS of night time for us to deal with.  Jane, Shawn and Amy need to go away.  I do not watch when they are on.  Also, the new hosts on QVC2 did not get proper training.  They are all annoying.

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I feel like it's okay to say "Hey, I favored so-and-so" and as such will no longer patronize this business.


That is the foundation of salespeople.


I object to shaming others for how they feel about Carolyn and Dan. Like, come on.

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I realize both Carolyn and Dan are hardly poor.or have a young family to support. Have heard Dan not bragging endlessly about his property for years plus I think he has a side hustle as well. Let's call it as it is....Mr. handsome?blondie man who's been there 30? is still selling Diamonique and workout stuff..he don't come cheap...then the ladies of color that have been there for decades as well.Jane is still there...why? College $$ for daughter? Very brown nosed politically correct corporation. They know they cannot retaliate and the other hosts don't give a pebble. Fact is you can buy things alot cheaper from Amazon or even the store for great sales like at Corporate Location QVC's local Exton Mall at Boscov's. Have you Boscov'd today??

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Re: The layoffs at QVC

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Place where I worked had a VERP  (Very Early Retirement Package). Many people received extra vacation time w/benefits. One employee received 16 weeks vacation time. I think some of the posters are a bit innocent.

Time to let it go,UNLESS you have more knowledge of what happened.

May have 401Ks,etc.

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