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Re: That Line is Getting Old

@CARMIE wrote:

Annoying threads about hosts and their habits that annoy people are getting old.  There are more than a few of these threads a week and there has been for years.


By now, you should have  figured out  your comments are falling on deaf ears.  No one at QVC cares and what bothers some is music to others.  Still, the never ending complains go on and on.



That is true about our comments falling on deaf ears. For example, I can't even count the number of complaints (including from me) about the Q's testimonial phone calls. I'm not sure why I find them so annoying but I do. I'll be watching the Q and as soon as a host says "let's go to the phones", I immediately change the channel! I just find the calls cringeworthy.and can't listen to them. But am sure they won't quit having them.

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Re: That Line is Getting Old

And so many of the things mentioned are why I record shows I'm interested in and ff through anything I have no interest in. I miss a lot of those silly things. Not host bashing at all but some things are just annoying. 

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Re: That Line is Getting Old

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@Xivambala wrote:

This is just as bad as continually bending the shoes in half to show us all that we are not buying wooden clogs...enough!!


Yes, just like they bend and squish all the food they sell.  Gross with food, dumb with shoes.

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Re: That Line is Getting Old



Does David still cross his eyes?


I never did watch cooking/food shows, but did catch a promo

of his ....looking rather silly for a grown man...

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Re: That Line is Getting Old

Perhaps QVC should start listening to customer complaints, feedback, and suggetions..Annoying hosts and annoying habits turn viewers off (no pun intended)...QVC and QURATE had been struggling with declines in revenues and sales for several years....🤔

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