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Re: Show Hosts

Like right now I can't even watch her.  I'm waiting for her time to be up.  I thought it was 5 o'clock but she's still on. 

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Re: Show Hosts

This country has always been youth oriented.  But come on QVC....can't you at least start off hiring people who (let's call it .... lived some life).


I think we viewers are supposed to be able to relate to some degree with what's being sold.


I've noticed they are now hiring women who've seen a larger number of mornings...(get it).


So why can't QVC hire some hosts who've seen a good amount of mornings?


We've all been squeezed out of so many things....why can't we at least have this?

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Re: Show Hosts

3 choices:

Shut off the "idiot box"

Change the channel

Perhaps go start dinner?

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Re: Show Hosts

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There's one new host, particularly annoying to me, who can't pronounce "Cat".  Vendors have common names but she stumbles over all of them.  Forget correctly pronouncing names of gemstones.  I suspect she's not too bright.


Suggestion: As part of the interview process, ask applicants to pronounce "chalcedony".

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Re: Show Hosts

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