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Why would anyone think a new host can come on board and immediately be as good as a seasoned host who had over a decade on the job? 



Every host goes through a probationary period to see if they may make it or not.  After that, they have to meet certain metrics to keep their contract going.  If they don't, they'll be gone too.  It's the Sales business, not an office job.   


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I've seen 3 new hosts and none are as good as the one's QVC let go.


Have  a pretty good idea why they were hired, but don't want to stir up trouble, lol.

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@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

@Calcgirl   The Skechers video shows Rachel and Jennifer presenting the sneaker.  Only Rachel's hands are in the close-ups, and her manicure is simple and impeccable. 


QVC must have changed out the video that you saw.

Okay, I went back and it is the second video on the right. The lady or host  is wearing a green dress with horrid nails.