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Has anyone noticed how long it takes to process returns? On two seperate occasions I have returned items that take forever. Recently returned two jewelry items with their return label going back to South Carolina. I live in North Carolina and after 10 days still not there or processed.Tracking showed they had no information update very strange.  Finally called customer service and asked them what was gong on...they said it was in the process of being returned and issued the return credit. Well that was five days ago and I am still waiting for the credit to show in my account. My opinion it just should not take this long on a return when you are one state away and this is the second time this has happened.

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I have had just the opposite experience.  I recently returned one item and a few days later exchanged another.  They happened to be out of the item I exchanged, but both credits were processed to my account quickly.

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I returned two packages a week ago yesterday and haven't heard a word about them.


It's very strange...they go through periods where they're processed very fast, just within a couple of days.  Then there are times like now which are extremely slow.  Inconsistent.  There's no noticable reason for it.

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I'm not sure it's always on them.


I had two returns I mailed back on January 31. One processed on February 11 and the other - nothing. After 20 days, I contacted CS and they said that they had not received it from the post office. I was trying to get it tracked down and almost gave up when suddenly, 25 days later, my return processed.


I've had 4 items lost or delayed in shipping in the last 3 months. One was from QVC to me, two were from completely different companies, and the fourth was the return. It's been crazy.



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Since I cannot track a return from the Q for some reason, after 7 days I email CS about it, that way there's a written record. I know the return was processed by the post office because I always use the Q return label and I get an email when the return is on it's way. I don't know why some returns can be returned and processed in 5 days and others take 7 to 14 days or longer. Just remember, the Q has your money and you are being charged until the item shows up as returned. If one wanted to, you could keep track of how long long a return takes and file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office.

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Please.....SMH, longest return process I've ever seen.
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i think i have the answer thanks to my postlady,Several of my returns have taken forever and annot be tracked. Apparently alot of QVC returns are now done by a company called Newgistics.Once the package is logged in at your local post office and is picked up by Newgistics, you have to go on their website to track it-not the USPS tracking website.Use the track number on your post office receipt just like normal. It seems to take forever to get the return to its final destination. Qvc must have gotten a better price with them than the post office. Remember you get what you pay for. 

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Re: Retuns Processing

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Some are fast and some are incredibly slow.  I have had both experiences.

I was told by post office in Chicago that when you use QVC label, paeckages are held for awhile for accumulation.  They send when there are many.  


I now send under my own steam USPS Priority.  It may cost a very little more, but at least you can track and it arrives sooner.  I also get my refunds sooner.

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@LOUISIANA  Thank you for your detailed, insightful post! I am definitely making a note of it, as I was completely unaware.



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