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Where are we supposed to find this channel.. is it on tv or our computers?

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Re: QVC 3

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I have ATT U-Verse and it is on the channel that Beauty IQ was on. But it is all pre-recorded presentations.  

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Re: QVC 3

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@kissiegirl , my cable provider includes Q3 as part of the standard channel package, so i can watch on my tv by going to that channel.  Alternatively, you can watch online.

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I can get QVC main & two on antenna tv ( in clear weather ) If you have a Roku player you can get all 3 . Although I have found that for some reason it is for 3 I find reception not as good for 3. 

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TV.  Depends on your cable provider.


Comcast just added Q2 and Q3. 


If you are a Comcast subscriber, you may need to find the channels in your area.  Look online or call Comcast.  Lastly, if you want, look for them by flipping through the channels.  Voice activation isn't working for these channels, yet. 


You can go to QVC's Program Guide.  Look for Channel Finder on the left side of the page.  Enter your zip code to find your channels.  Comcast isn't updated, yet.  





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I was going to say go to the program guide.  Smiley Happy

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@kissiegirlIf you look very closely, you might see the "ghosts" of Bob Bowersox, Steve Bryant, maybe Judy Crowell, maybe Paul Kelley, and others.

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Geez, they took off or changed Beauty IQ into yet another 'rerun' channel. They already have Q2 as the rerun channel. Why start a third rerun channel?


Q2 & Q3 are the same yet different because all that's happened is a shuffling of Q. It's totally insane - who does this kind of stuff???


You're not missing anything in tuning into Q3.