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Pat is better on her own. As well as all of the hosts.

They stick on topic better.


Never did see the point of two hosts anyhow...kind of like host overkill to me. 

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@blackhole99 wrote:

Was never a PD fan, she and JB were just not a good mix even though they thought they were. Pat is not as needy since the break up and Jayne is not such a wiseinheimer.

I like to watch Pat, but not Jayne at all.  Jayne stumbles over her words so much that I change the channel.  I like Pat on her own too....she does NOT need a co-host, she does excellent on her own.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@deedledeedeedle wrote:

@missy1Be warned:

You probably are not going to care for my response.


I have not read  a more condescending, nasty , and uninformed post! Pat James DeMentri is highly respected among hosts, has had her own shows for 30+ years, and is the ultimate professional. Until this post I have never read anything nasty about Pat.


@deedledeedeedle@  @missy1  If this is nastiest, most condescending thing you've read, I'd say you need to do more reading.   One big change in Pat that I notice is that she is no longer constantly apologetic.  She used to apologize over each and every tiny perceived wrong.  She's more "go with the flow" now and much more relaxed.  I've always thought of her as being an extremely nice person; now she's also a great host, maybe the best.  Both Jayne and Pat do much better alone than together. 

I agree with @Kachina624....I do not see a nasty post by the OP.  She is only stating how much she likes Pat without Jayne....and I agree.
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I have always really liked Pat. She is one of my favorites.

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I like Pat a lot.I think her presentations are top-notch!

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Pat is a real Pro ....Some could learn from her. 

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Loved mornings with Pat and Dan.  Watched it everyday, started my morning with them for years.

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I remember Pat from years ago on the fashion channel when she was a very young woman. She always did the programs alone and was excellent at a time when they literally used a tape measure to take and give the measurements. Always gracious, polished and elegant even as a young woman. Uniquely Pat. That's who she is. She carried it over to 18K shows. She had it with Dan and Jayne too, but it did morph into an outdated and tired set up. They actually "borrowed" the idea I believe from the pairing on HSN of a former q fashion channel beauty presenter who made herself up with the products on either friday night or Sat morning who left for HSN, and one of the guys who was an early HSN host. That pairing was very successful originally and was a nod to the way morning TV on mainstream channels was going. It too got tired even when they replaced that pairing with other hosts. Change is a good thing.

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I used to love it years ago when Pat dressed up once a month for the 18k gold shows. She was always very professional and she continues to do an excellent job.....


She is always well prepared and well versed in whatever she is selling.

I remember those shows and how beautful she always looked and what an excellent job she did.  I think she was one of the top hosts.  I think she is a better host when she hosts alone.  I'm glad to see her doing other shows again.

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I think Pat is an excellent host! She has a pleasant voice and gives good details about the products being presented!

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