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IMO Pat has come along way since she now hosts her shows without her sidekicks.(silliness, laughing etc.) She has improved so much, with her and just the vendor. She is calm and lets the vendor speak.

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I agree .. Pat is one of the better host & I like her on her own!

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I like Pat with or without a co-host.

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Was never a PD fan, she and JB were just not a good mix even though they thought they were. Pat is not as needy since the break up and Jayne is not such a wiseinheimer.

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@missy1Be warned:

You probably are not going to care for my response.


I have not read  a more condescending, nasty , and uninformed post! Pat James DeMentri is highly respected among hosts, has had her own shows for 30+ years, and is the ultimate professional. Until this post I have never read anything nasty about Pat.


Pat gives us the information we need in a soft, lovely manner. She is most gracious to the vendors. She does not talk over them. She is a lovely woman who has a lovely feminine way about her. I prefer her style over the other type of hostess. Pat does have a very loving heart and a plethora of fans, and many of her co-workers are personal friends. So, if she does act a bit relaxed at times when presenting with Jayne B., for example, it's probably because they are besties IRL. When Pat and Dan Hughes had the morning spot it was excellent. The two together were warm, self deprecating with a good sense of humor. We did not have to constantly hear about "looking sooo rich", how "posh" something was, or how an item had "the look of the Hampton's or Rodeo Drive".  If I wanted that look I would be at Hermes or Gucci, not QVC, for Pete's sake. There is a lot of artifice in show hosts, Pat James is not one of those types at all.



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She's much better alone than with JB or Dan 

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Truth is, all the hosts are better alone than with a buddy.  They tend to stay on topic more when they are alone.  Pat has been around for years, and I do enjoy her sometimes. Thank Goodness she sstopped with the "As Well" .  Now if she would just learn to say "go ahead" insstead of "go head" I'd be happier.  


I say no more double hosts.  One is more than enough.

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I thought Pat had been doing occasional solo shows for many, many years now.  She's been there forever!!!!  Agree with some others.......ALL the hosts do much better without a second host by their side.

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I used to love it years ago when Pat dressed up once a month for the 18k gold shows. She was always very professional and she continues to do an excellent job.....


She is always well prepared and well versed in whatever she is selling.

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I agree wholeheartedly that Pat is one of the best hosts on the Q.  There was a time however, that life got in the way and there were some problems with what I perceived Pat's confidence and memory.  It was during the time of her divorce, like her nerves were raw.  Who could blame her? She had a harder time on air during all this and I remember it specifically.  At that time, she started "pairing" with other hosts.  


I'm glad to see her confidence return and develop and she's even better than she used to be...!  She's a huge asset to QVC.  

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