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Just how accurate is the package tracking?

I live near Pittsburgh, PA and an item I ordered shows it's been sitting in West Virginia since Jan. 1 - this is now Jan. 6. I'm wondering if it's lost. Has anyone had this trouble? How much longer should I wait before contacting Q?

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I think that cheapo UPS to USPS is very inaccurate,

only showing info once it reaches your home PO

terrible service,

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It's probably just someone who didn't scan the package, but really it's on the way and next time you check it, it may say "out for delivery". I've had gaps where nothing seems to be happening, and then it jumps as soon as someone actually scans it like they're supposed to.

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If it was sent via USPS, no tracking will appear until the day it's delivered. UPS tracking is more accurate but sometimes things don't get scanned there either. They do, however tend to show up right on time.
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I think it must be different depending upon locale. And it helps to go to the carrier website for more up-to-date info. I never trust the vendor's website tracking alone, always watch the progress on the delivery site (,,, etc.) and I get notifications from them.

Regarding USPS, the packages I follow almost always show the progress from one city to the next, they show receipt and sorting when they arrive at our local facility, and there's an "Out for Delivery" notice, too. The actual delivery usually isn't scanned until the carrier has returned to the post office.

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I've posted this before, I've found the best way to keep up with all UPS deliveries is by getting auto-alerts using the free "UPS My Choice" program.

Essentially, once you register the website will notify you via email, text or voice (your choice) immediately when a package with your name and address has been shipped.

The UPS website "sees" your name/address and triggers a notification to you. And you can get subsequent email, text or voice updates on the progress, including an alert when the parcel is placed at your door.

Fedex has a similar program called "Fedex Delivery Manager:"

And for the USPS, if you have the tracking number you can go to their site and request notifications on a case-by-case basis.

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Yes, I am having the same problem. One More day and I am calling. They have lost two item already this month and my return is still sitting in the warehouse since the 30th of Dec. DOOBDOO is right. On UPS delivery it always shows day by day, but not lately.
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I recently had a similar situation. I ordered something on 12/24 and it was sent out on 12/27 via USPS. My EDD was 1/2. I kept checking the tracking info on both Q and USPS websites and both showed that no information was available, day after day. Nothing. So, when the package still hadn't arrived by 1/2, I called customer service. They were able to tell me that the package was in the Post Office sorting facility in Patterson, NJ. They said to wait a week and call back if the item hadn't arrived. I checked tracking on 1/3 in the AM and there was still no information available, but guess what? It was delivered later that day! Just for the heckuvit, I checked the tracking info again and, what do you know, every step in the delivery process miraculously appeared. So don't lose hope, Itsme, your package will get there. Eventually.