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they are doing updates in finance/billing.   I have had issues with easy pay.  I think the whole system is having major issues.  I'm happy I am not the head of IT...I would be worried...or the person SHOULD!!!!! be worried. (because of all of these issues)

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It should be obvious....there's a glitch in the system.  I found my size and color by punching areas where I figured it should be.

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Re: New sizing/color codes

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I tried what @Kachina624 mentioned but the blouse I want is sold by specific sizing & it shows bridge sizing in my cart. I tried to order it last night too with the same problem & today isn't going any better.....what a mess.

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I finally had to call CS this morning to place an order and she went online for the item and there was no problem on her side.  I said even yesterday I wanted something and it was all screwed up also.  She said she would tell the people there appears to be a glitch in the system.  DUH.....QVC has a new man in charge and ever since he took over there are problems with one thing or another and changes are being made  that don't need to be made....only screws things up.  Why is there always a glitch in their online ordering.....QVC is simply pitiful anymore.

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It must be a mistake.  No way can the average costumer figure that out.  Hopefully they will fix it soon!

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Re: New sizing/color codes

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It has to be a glitch. None of it makes sense!

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QVC just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. Another reason to shop elsewhere.