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Best pillows I every bought. We also got them for our vacation place and one to keep on the sofa to relax on.

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I didn't notice the vender so much BUT where has this pillow been all my life? I ADORE this pillow. I will agree it is way over priced but I caved and so happy I did. GREAT pillow.

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The My Pillow inventor is creepy to me, too. I think he needs to expand his wardrobe beyond blue shirts, too.

The pillow looks lumpy, like cellulite.

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I'm glad that the presenter didn't turn me off because I love the My Pillows. I especially love the fact that you can throw them in the wash. I have both the regular and the firm and love them both.

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I get your message moonchilde you don't think the pillow is worth it. The comment about the presenter was just an observation. I have not posted on the boards for a long time, but I see they have not changed at all. I just learned to ignore the posters that kept nit picking, and posted what I wanted to post.

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On 4/19/2014 SUHSE39 said: Not familiar with the product, but, I laughed, at the idea of never buying the pillow, because of the presenter!

There is one show host I will not buy from because I can't stand her presentations. So yes people do not purchase for many reasons and the presenter is one of them.

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Love My Pillow! Worth every cent.
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I have the My Pillow and I love mine! I can honestly say that I have not had any neck aches since using it and I won't sleep on any other pillow but this. I purchased mine at BB&B because I had a coupon and thought it would be easier to return if it didn't work out for me. One thing I wanted to point out that I found out for myself is that the pillow that the BB&B had out on display isn't a good or true indication of how the pillow really feels. The pillow has to be placed in your dryer prior to use for a few minutes so that the pillow fluffs up. There are instructions inside the box. When I got mine out of the dryer, I could immediately see and feel the difference.

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I love my My Pillow. I bought the set of 2 when it was the TSV, and I am so happy with them. I don't know who the presenter was. Do you mean the vendor who does the commercial, or the show host?

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